Importance of lighting in your workplace

by admin


An ideal workplace: what are the things that come to your mind? Fast internet connection, a nice desk and chair, a coffee machine.

But what we miss out on is an important element that can drastically change the look and feel of your workplace: lighting.

Effects of Poor Lighting

Poor lighting can cause many mental and physical problems; for example, headaches, eyestrain, and anxiety. It must be a pretty serious matter if Forbes How does light affect mental health wrote an article about it, after all.

Importance of Natural Light

Our bodies need to be exposed to natural light because it helps in the production of vitamin D. We’re pretty sure we all learnt this in grade school, but if not you could always learn more online. Vitamin D is important for us because it enables us to focus and thus get more work done. Therefore it is vital to have sunlight in the workplace. In fact, the Harvard Business Review Office Perk? Natural light wrote an article on the benefits of natural lighting in offices.

A Green Solution

Parans Solar Lighting uses innovative technology and design to bring sunlight indoors. They aim to get sunlight to every room and while doing so, they also reduce their carbon footprint.