Laws and regulations surrounding online casinos

by Roger

Online gambling industry falls onto a grey legal area in most countries. However, every major government in the world has some type of gambling regulation bodies for protecting players and operators.

Here is the importance of casino laws & regulations:

Financial and personal information security

Casino regulation bodies ensure that casinos provide sufficient security on all transactions. This is for the purpose of protecting the financial information of players. Ensure that your casino of choice provides SSL- encryption.

The law requires that online casinos confirm the identity of all their players. That is why you will be asked for Identification documents and proof of bank account ownership.

Ensure online punters are safe and treated fairly

Laws help keep off fraudulent casinos that may try to con you out of your money. Only trust an online casino if it is licenced and registered by a reputable regulatory body.

Online gambling law also ensures that you have many safe and exciting options. Laws also facilitate smooth player-operator relationships and makes it easy to solve gambling disputes.


The exact licensing requirements for an online casino varies between different casinos. However, here are some standard qualifications for getting a license.

  1.  Are the casino’s owners and board of executive members suitable?
  2. What are the casino’s accounting procedures and protocol?
  3. Who are the game providers to the casino?
  4. How does the casino plan to deal with problem gamblers?
  5. The casino must have measures for preventing underage gambling
  6. Is there an efficient way of handling complaints?

In conclusion, laws of online gambling might vary by location but they are necessary. The future of online gambling laws is a bit vague but we can do better, with a single global governing body.

It would be easier for players to enjoy their favourite casino games if everyone had to adhere to the same set of rules and regulations.