The Most Common Fields of Law

by Roger

This text will look at law in a holistic way, identify and describe some popular ones. The law has been around for centuries and has been influenced by history and past events. It aims to provide guidance and rules for humankind, but can change accordingly. There are varied laws in the different countries, and there are many workers whom uphold it, such as police, courts and legal professionals.

Main Fields of Law

  • Criminal law speaks for itself!
  • Family law, in a nutshell covers all aspects of birth, marriage and death. This is one of the complex and difficult types.
  • Civil Rights law is basically government vs people, anything relating to human rights and covers a whole host of issues and subjects including housing and education.
  • Employment (Labour) law is concerned with the rights of employers and also employees. It applies to all companies big and small and covers issues like wages, unions, and dismissal.
  • Personal Injury law is the one which everybody is seeing on the media on a daily basis! This comes from personal injury or illness caused by purposeful acts or negligence by somebody other than the victim.

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The term ‘law’ is not always to do with rules and regulations. There is mathematical law, scientific law, and even sod’s law!